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Photon Science Institute

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Biophotonics and bioanalytical spectroscopy

Since the invention of the optical microscope, light has been an invaluable tool for studying biology.

In biophotonics and bioanalytical spectroscopy at the Photon Science Institute we apply and develop pioneering photon imaging techniques for advanced medical diagnostics and to probe the structure of biological materials, tissues, plants and single cells.

Making an impact

We work closely with clinical partners to translate benefits to patients, and with industry to develop next-generation bioanalytical tools.

Expertise includes optical coherence tomography (OCT), super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (STORM), sum-frequency generation (SFG), mass spectrometry and photonics for on-chip sensing and health monitoring (breathomics).

3D research

We also perform fundamental measurements on the 3D structure of biological molecules and their interactions with surfaces, using probe beams of ions and neutrons as well as photons.

This supports research into new antimicrobial surfaces, improved corrosion resistance and biomedical implants and targeted drug delivery.

The research carried out in the theme is highly-interdisciplinary, spanning biology, chemistry, physics, materials science and medicine.