About us

The Photon Science Institute (PSI) was established in 2005 to bring together experts from a range of fields to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and to maximise the potential applications of photon science. The initial development phase of the PSI involved establishing comprehensive and internationally leading laser and spectroscopy infrastructure. We now maintain leading facilities that span from the THz through mid IR to UV and x-ray energies delivered with CW to femtosecond timing. These facilities remain core to the science base of the PSI, but over recent years the PSI has expanded its research base. Large scale facilities for x-ray imaging and tomography (Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility), electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, laser mass spectrometry, nano-SIMS and ambient XPS have been added. Today the PSI continues to evolve and enable world-leading science and engineering most recently as the current home for the hub of the Henry Royce Institute, the UK's National Institute for Advanced Materials. The PSI delivers high quality fundamental and applied research, accessible postgraduate education, tailored industrial training and forges strong business relationships by disseminating its knowledge and expertise.

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