Case study: Lynton Lasers

Lynton Lasers Ltd produce laser-based equipment for aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, such as tattoo and hair removal, and the treatment of vascular lesions.  They have a 12% share of the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) market, but also produce a range of high end lasers.  In addition to marketing their products, they also operate a very successful clinic applying the techniques to patients and clients.  To support this they run a highly respected range of training courses (in Manchester and London) as refreshers or for those wishing to enter into the laser aesthetic and cosmetic industry.  Members of the Photon Science Institute help run these courses and disseminate the very latest research findings on medical laser techniques to the clinicians and healthcare workers.   

Lynton Lasers employs around 30 people, has 600 systems in the field and has an annual turnover of £5.3 million. Each year Lynton Laser’s systems are used to treat over 10,000 patients; these treatments generate turnover in the region of £6 million every year for private clinics and treatment centres.

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