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Our research

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Innovative, interdisciplinary research

The Photon Science Institute is playing a crucial role in positioning The University of Manchester at the forefront of international research. Researchers from different disciplines are working to create a dynamic environment for the development and implementation of novel and exciting ideas across a diverse range of scientific fields.


Unique facility for research

A multi-million pound, purpose-built facility will house state-of-the-art light sources, academic and postgraduate research. See more about our building and other facilities.

Laser development

Research interests and expertise

The Photon Science Institute encompasses a broad range of disciplines including laser, atomic and nuclear physics, condensed matter and surface physics, engineering, liquid crystal and material science, chemistry, environmental, pharmaceutical, medical, and life sciences Find out more about our research.

Working in our network

Research networks

The Manchester Optical Coherence Tomography Network (ManOctNet) seeks to advance knowledge and develop novel non-invasive optical methods for 3D images within translucent materials such as tissue. The research network brings together members from across the medical, biological and physical sciences to foster an interdisciplinary centre of knowledge in OCT clinical imaging.

Workshop event

Research seminars and workshops

Our seminars and workshop programmes encourage researchers to explore collaborative opportunities and develop new networks of expertise.