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Professor Klaus Müller-Dethlefs

Professor Klaus Müller-Dethlefs has an international reputation in physical chemistry and molecular sciences. He is the first Herzberg Memorial Prize Laureate (2000) of the National Research Council of Canada and he won the Rudolf Kaiser Preis für Experimentalphysik in 1994. Before he moved to Manchester he established the York Centre for Laser Spectroscopy and Photochemistry. His research provides international leadership in the following areas:

Professor Müller-Dethlefs and his research group are leaders in the study of large molecular systems, highly excited states and molecular interactions using laser spectroscopy and pump-probe experiments. This work complements the research interests of current members of The Photon Science Institute, which range from fundamental research in atomic and nuclear physics to the study of condensed matter.

Professor Müller-Dethlefs has given more than one hundred invited and plenary lectures at international scientific conferences and more than two hundred invited seminars at scientific and research institutions across the world. He has been an Invited Professor at several international institutions and he has chaired several international conferences. He is currently the Vice-Chair of the Gordon Research Conference "Photoions, Photoionization and Photodetachment", which will be held in January 2006, in California.

Professor Müller-Dethlefs is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and a member of the editorial board of Chemical Physics Letters and, until recently, of the Journal of Physics B and Molecular Physics. He is referee of the National Science Foundation (USA), the Australian Research Council, the Petroleum Research Fund and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.