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The Photon Science Institute Building

Our Vision

The Photon Science Institute aims to be an internationally leading centre of excellence in photon science — “light for science”. The Institute will deliver high quality fundamental and applied research, accessible postgraduate education and tailored industrial training. By disseminating its knowledge and expertise the Institute will forge strong business relationships.
Richard Winpenny

Welcome from our Director

The Photon Science Institute welcomes new collaborations and we are always available to discuss possible experiments using the astounding array of laser equipment we possess. Our aim is to become a research centre of excellence in the heart of the North West, which will produce the highest level of science and interact strongly with industry. We will attract top scientific star performers, the most promising and aspiring young scientists, and provide the strongest scientific challenges to the brightest and most able postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers from the UK, Europe, America and the Far East.

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Our aims and ethos

People - interdisciplinary ethos

In fostering an innovative and interdisciplinary culture, The Photon Science Institute provides a unique environment for research into and the application of photon science.

The Institute will:

  • Cross over traditional research boundaries
  • Collaborate with photonics, medical, pharmaceutical and materials related companies
  • Influence local and global photon and multi-disciplinary networks.

To find out more about our aims see our overview.

Institute academics

Our members and associates

The Institute’s interdisciplinary ethos is reflected in the participation and interest of its academic staff who come from across all faculties in The University. See more about our members.

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What is photon science?

Photon science encompasses all aspects of creating, measuring and using light for science. See 'What is photon science?' to find out more.