What is photon science?

Photon science encompasses all aspects of creating, measuring and using light for science. Photon science allows us to discover new things about the properties of all kinds of physical and biological matter, enabling us to answer questions of what things are and how and why they work.

Light is the foundation of many modern day technologies and is being used more and more in everyday life. CD and DVD players, mobile phones and flat panel TVs all use photon science technology. In medicine, photon science is at the forefront of new discoveries.  For example, it is possible to shine a laser beam into a patient's finger to detect the amount of sugar in their blood without having to take a blood sample.  Lasers can even be used to discover faults in the structure of aircraft long before the plane becomes unsafe.

As a discipline, photon science drives discoveries across a diverse range of fields including biology, chemistry, communications, medicine, physics, astronomy, engineering and materials science.

Light for science

Photon science is based on the understanding of how light interacts with matter.

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